Achievements in Boga

In the beginning of 2006, PIRD was contacted by the farmers of Boga to help them achieve their recovery and sustainable development after many years of war. The local community of Boga and PIRD set up OPEDI, an association which will become a fully functioning farmers-cooperation.Training Session
PIRD and the farmers association organised a training seminar using a DVD on sustainable agriculture provided by our agricultural advisor Ken Hargesheimer ( who teaches organic, no-till gardening, mini-farming and mini-ranching in permanent beds using bucket drip irrigation. )

The seminar took three days in November 2006 and after that a first low-budget agricultural project for 68 farmers was started. This agricultural project was successfully finished by the local community in May 2007. This year , 2007 , in September a second ( more substantial ) project for the 68 farmers will start plus an additional 100 farmers will participate. Funding for this project is already secured.

Boga children

In december this year we plan to increase the total number of families involved in sustainable farming to about 500. Funding to achieve this is currently being sought. Newest information will become available in our "reports" section.